About Us

At Bayt, we pride ourselves on being the bridge between exceptional talent and the vibrant real estate landscape of Dubai and the UAE. With a keen focus on recruiting UK estate agents, we are dedicated to connecting skilled professionals with leading real estate companies in this flourishing market.

Our journey is rooted in experience, led by our Managing Director, Luke. Having traversed a similar path himself, Luke transitioned from a UK estate agency to assume the role of a sales manager in Dubai. This firsthand experience fuels our commitment to assisting others in making this exciting leap.

Bayt Recruitment isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about curating success stories. We understand the intricacies of the real estate industry and strive to match exceptional talent with employers seeking nothing but the best. Our goal is simple: to facilitate the growth and success of both individuals and businesses within this dynamic sector.

Mission Statement 

Bridge talent across continents, connecting exceptional UK estate agents with rewarding opportunities in the vibrant Dubai real estate market. We are dedicated to facilitating the growth and success of both our candidates and Dubai's real estate industry by providing a trusted platform for collaboration. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we match the best UK estate agents with forward-thinking Dubai real estate companies, fostering success, innovation, and prosperity for all

Meet The Team
Luke David - Managing Director

With over a decade in real estate and five years leading sales teams in Dubai, Luke brings a wealth of industry experience to the table. Starting as a UK estate agent, he ventured into Dubai's dynamic market, excelling as a sales manager and gaining invaluable insights into the region's real estate landscape.

Luke's journey fuels his passion for assisting others in navigating career shifts, drawing from firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that come with such transitions.