Frequently Asked Questions
Please see below a list of our most frequently asked questions!

Real Estate FAQ's

What is the typical salary for a Real Estate Agent?
A. The majority of roles are commission only roles - Starting at around 50/50% split between you and your employer 

What are the typical working hours as a Real Estate Agent?
A. Typically hours will be similar to those in the UK but as the roles are "Commission Based" then you may want to work longer hours if needed 

Q. Do you need a licence to be a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?
Yes, all agents are required to be licence and pass an exam. Your employer will assist you with this once you arrive

Q. How competitive is the real estate industry in Dubai
A. Just like all "Sales" roles, Real Estate is no different, there is friendly competition between your peers

Q. Is there a preferred language for communication in the Dubai real estate industry
A. Most people speak English but like living in any country, learning basic phrases and sayings will only help you build up report with your clients 

Relocating to Dubai FAQ's

Q. Where will i live when i first move to Dubai?
A. When you first arrive in Dubai we would recommend staying in a hotel apartment for your first month to settle in (We have trusted partners who can assist whilst offering special rates). After this you will have a better idea of locations you would like to live and what type of property you can afford

Q. Do i need a visa to live in Dubai?
A. Yes all residents require a residents visa, some Real Estate companies will pay for this for you once you hit a commission thresh-hold and some will require you to pay for your own visa

Q. What is the healthcare system like in Dubai 
AAll employees are entitled to Health Insurance from their employer 

Q. Is Dubai a safe place to live?
A.  Dubai is a very safe place to live and has an extremely low crime rate 

Q. How do i get a drivers licence in Dubai?
A. If you have a full UK drivers licence, once you have a valid residents visa, you can simply exchange your current UK licence for a UAE licence once you have passed an eye test. 

Q. How do i open a bank account?
A. Opening a bank account is very easy, head to your nearest branch and the staff will help you set everything up