How Much Money Do You Need When Starting a Role in Dubai Real Estate?

How Much Money Do You Need When Starting a Role in Dubai Real Estate?

Applicants come to me daily, asking how much money they need when moving to Dubai as a Real Estate Agent. Information on this topic can be misleading, with some reports suggesting you need six months' salary and others suggesting as much as £10K. While personal preference plays a role, I believe you don't need nearly that much, and here’s why...

Why 8 Weeks is the Magic Number

Personal Experience

Based on my experience, successful Real Estate Agents should start making money within eight weeks. How do I know? Because I did it. I’ve been in this position, and I know it’s possible with the right approach and mindset.

Too Much Money Can Be a Burden

If you arrive in Dubai with £10K, you can survive for approximately 4-5 months. While that sounds comforting, it can also diminish your motivation to make money quickly since you have a substantial safety net. The first six weeks are crucial for establishing yourself in the role. If you put in the hard graft early, you’ll start renting properties faster, setting a solid foundation for your career.

Tips for Starting Strong in Dubai

1. Start in Leasing

Leasing is a great starting point because commissions are paid once the tenant signs the rental contract. This means you get paid much quicker compared to sales, where the average house sale transacts in 10-12 weeks. Fast payments help you reinvest in your living and work essentials promptly.

2. Share Accommodation

When you first move to Dubai, you might be excited about living in the Burj Khalifa or having an apartment with a sea view. While these dreams are achievable, it’s wise to start with shared accommodation. Websites like Dubizzle can help you find spare rooms. Sharing accommodation helps you save on living expenses and allows you to meet new people, easing your transition into Dubai life.

3. Don’t Party Too Hard

Relaxing after a hard week at work is essential, but the cost of alcohol in Dubai is really high. For the first 6-8 weeks, focus on learning the role inside and out. Keeping a low profile socially can help you save money and stay focused on your career goals.

4. Apply for Jobs with a Friend

Moving abroad with a friend has multiple benefits. You get moral support, you can share accommodation and grocery costs, and you have company during your initial weeks. This strategy helps reduce expenses and makes the move less daunting.

The Ideal Starting Amount

Taking all this into account, I believe you can start your role in Dubai with between £4-5K. This amount provides a small safety net but also gives you the drive and determination to succeed. Here’s a quick breakdown of expected initial expenses:

  • Accommodation: AED 3,000-5,000/month for shared housing
  • Miscellaneous: AED 1,000-1,500/month
  • Transport: AED 1,500-3,000/month for car rental or AED 300/month for public transport
  • Food and Essentials: AED 1,500-2,000/month

Final Thoughts

By budgeting wisely and staying focused, you can thrive in Dubai’s real estate market without needing a massive financial cushion. Remember, the key is to start strong, establish yourself quickly, and let your hard work propel you to success. Best of luck in your new adventure! ????

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